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We’ve been delivering safe, reliable power to industrial sites for over 20 years. General contractors choose us for our deep experience to help them create a power supply that operates dependably and efficiently.

A Partner You Can Trust

Industrial sites require a special kind of experience and attention to detail. The presence of hazardous materials, like combustible gases, chemicals, or dust presents safety challenges that can be extremely dangerous. Doneen’s expertise and knowledge of the hazards and safety risks makes us the right partner for industrial projects, where even the slightest deviation or mistake could have catastrophic consequences. We follow the engineering design and specifications to the Nth degree, to insure the site is safe, and provides power that meets the site’s needs. And our team follows safety protocols fanatically, to limit liability and give everyone peace of mind.  

We have experience in just about every kind of industrial project including:

  • CNG Fueling Stations
  • Water Treatment Facilities
  • Co-generation Facilities
 Hazardous Locations
  • Division 1 Class 1
  • Division 1 Class 2


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